Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Geography symposium 2018

Opening Address by Mrs Chua Lim Yen Ching (DyDHE(PD) & ED/AST
Singapore Teaching Practice STP
There are 90 Videos sharing on pedagogy
Professional conversation and Sharing in PLN
Understanding and motivating students

Keynote speech by Prof John Wang, PHD NIE, NTU
Promoting joy of learning in your students: a self-determination theory perspective

STP Master document on motivation
Motivation in Education Research Lab
Merl.nie.edu.sg. MERL-NIE

Translating theory into practice
Achievement goal theory and other Implicit theories
Download strategies to be used in the classroom.

Growth mind set - preparing the students for a VUCA future and a lifelong learner
Ambiguous world

Understanding Motivation
Why do you do what you do?
How can you create a classroom condition in which your students are motivated to learn?
Direction - why they want to take Geog
Persistence over time - continued motivation

Nature of motivation
Intrinsic motivation
Extrinsic motivvation -
Amotivation - no intension to act at all. e.g. they dont see no point in trying as they had been performing poorly in the subject and they dont care

Self determination theory
Autonomy -Human basic to show that we can
Competence -Need to feel that there is this choice
Relatedness -Sense of belong8ng to a social group

3 needs that form the intrinsic motivation.
If one frustrate the 3 needs, the intrinsic motivation will decrease
e.g. Make them feel incompetent,

Cognitive Evaluation theory
Same event, it will create diff outcome
E.g. test to see whether they are learning, provide info in their learning
 If test is just to rate them, intrinsic motivation decrease


The risk of rewards
Use of tangible rewards to motivate learning runs a serious risks of decreasing intrinsic motivation

If they do it because of fear etc, it will not last long
the value is place on the students e.g. that they can do well to go to JC, poly... Introjected regulation
Identified w the value - Identified regulation
Integrated into identity. Do it because of intrinsic motivation. They want to study e.g university

Personality traits
If they are of controlling personality can order them to do it but not autonmous personality
Those who got their 3 needs satisfied will seek intrinsic goals.
Those who does not, will seek extrinsic goals

Gaming company use self determination theory e.g. competence autonomous

Research in MERL - Enhancing learning for NA
Student's motivation matter
Helping teachers to be more autonomy supportive
Intervention group. Teacher use autonomy support - It work
Intrinsic motivation increase
Lack of self-regulation increase

Fixed mind set? Cultivate a growth mind set

Implicit theories transfer to our teaching
Feedback to kids will impact on whether its incremental or entity
Academic incremental belief and mastery approach goals positively predicted students interest and better performance

self-determined motivation predicted positive outcome

Factors influencing teachers use of motivational strategies in classroom


It energizes the teacher

Mechanism of intrinsic motivationIntrinsic motivation activate more insular cortex activity - long term consolidation of learning
Extrinsic activate - threats, rewards - only for short term learning

Panel discussion 1

Panel discussion 2


Frame for good teaching.. Alignment or contradiction?
As a geography teacher, geography education is robust

Mr Yuen
There is competition for attention from ICT
Playing music without knowledge of reading notes
Using app to learn music very diff fr traditional way of learning from notes
Using a new pair of lens
Experimenting w our students
Can we be more sensitive? Responsive teaching

AP Chang
TC Chang
Whirlpool and swirl pool of change
The still centre what it takes to be a geographer
Unchanged core
As we embrace changes we must strengthen the foundation
As we look outward we also need to look inward
As we change we must not forget the uniqueness of geography

The geographical mind that is sensitive to spatial perspective of geographical issues and impacts

Spatial way of thinking and seeing
Links to places and space
Awareness of scale
Appreciation of the field beyond the classroom e.g observing
Sensitivity towards environmental implications

Embraces changes but remind us the essence and core of Geography

What do we need them to learn?
Engage them  and get them to think about the issue and take a stand

Fun vs geographical knowledge

Learner sense of neighborhood
Awareness of personal geography to topics in class
What they experience in their daily life to connect to the geographical issue

Passion in the subject inspires the students
Provide them w hope
Continue to believe in yourself.. the passion

Applied learning
Start a scenario maybe non geographical e.g. Pokémon craze
Phenomenon infuse w geographical perspective
Ponding in orchard road
GE in Malaysia
MAP modules

Infuse unchanging geographical perspectives to scenario
Power of relevance
Power of metaphor
Uae of media e.g. cultural diffusion.. Aids from....
Outbreak 1996
Contagion 2000 SARS
Clips 5 mins

Power of the field
Engage students senses not just observation
Smell, feel or sense
Every moment is teachable moment

E..g Taiwan plan in RAMs prepared for earthquake
e.g. Hualien
Earthquake Drill as a lesson though there is no earthquake

The value of concept will stay

Place base without being one dimensional
Just leaving the classroom and going to the field.
Out of classroom just looking at maps displayed at the carpark
Mistake. Biasedness etc. Social construction of map. In trying to make maps attractive, they play out certain places
Pedagogical  Content Knowledge (PCK)
How do we tie content knowledge with what we know about our learners.

Unbox the gift

Complexity of learning more visible
Using examples

Do we have PCK?
If we are passionate, to unbox ourselves to prepare ourselves for changes in time

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