Sunday, January 25, 2015


I was introduced to Quizlet by the ICT mentor community. It's quite simple to create and is great to create flash cards. I have used it to create a set of flash cards to better  sec 1 Geography and water resources.
The students can click on the text and it will be read to them. You just have to input the word/image and its definition/meaning or the question and answer once and the whole study set of flash cards, test and games will be generated.

Choose the mode of study by scrolling down the menu at the bottom right hand corner. I love the scatter game and space race - try it out!
  • Learn and take the test
  • Scatter Game
  • speller Quiz
  • Test
  • Space Race

Quizlets on Geography - sec 1 Geography

Water Resource

Weather and Climate

Weather instrument

I will explore two apps shared in the ICT mentor NLC - and

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