Monday, August 13, 2012

Google Earth "Amazing Race Singapore"

To further engage the students in self-directed learning - I have created a trail using Google Earth. The students will participate in this virtual Amazing Race and learn more about the tourist attractions in Singapore. I have embedded some videos in some of the placemark so that they can find out more about the attractions. For some of the placemarks, I have also shown the street view in which the students can "experience" being in the area themselves without having to be there physically.  

To make the trail more competitive, the students would have to submit their answers to the questions attached to the 10 placemarks. The students will submit their answers on the Google form which I have completed as shown below. The data can be collated easily using Google form. You can refer to my post on how to create a Google form here -

Click here to download the Amazing Race Singapore using Google Earth 

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