Saturday, June 30, 2012

Geographical Inquiry on Tropical Rainforest and Water Supply

Attended this workshop during the Humanities Educators' Conference by Andrew Turney on Geographical Inquiry in the Outdoors. We went to MacRitchie Reservoir to explore on the topic " water supply - "how clean is our waterway or waterbody?"

"Where am I?" personal and group evaluation

Testing water quality

water testing kit

Sketching the reservoir - annotation of the activities 

GI planning for Teachers 
1. Completion of RAMS 2 months before fieldwork
2. Notification of PUB 1 month before fieldwork - email to the details - site, date, time, school, level, no. of students, teacher-student ration, teacher-in-charge and contact
Information of the learning trails available on www.abcwaterslearning
3. collection of field packages from PUB for the conduct of fieldwork
4.Issuing and collection of consent forms
5. Logistics - first aid kits, booking of bus, field equipment (clipboards, nulon ropes, pail, water testing kit),. students to bring own camera
6. Print GI log, photo and map of the waterway prior to start of GI


  1. Students to generate questions to unpack and understand inquiry question, go through with students attributes of water quality and explain the importance of consulting reliable source.
  2. Ensure that students are clear of own as well as groups' responsibilities and roles, apply what they learnt on information literacy and identify secondary data useful to GI
  3. Quiz students on key terms related to GI on the topic of water and give instructions on use of water test kit
  4. Draw and annotate field sketch and annotate photograph
  5. Brief students on fieldwork, attire and conduct, issue and collection of consent forms, ensure logistics are completed and the students to submit GI log and group's progress check form
  6. Teacher to bring along emergency contact, first aid kit, distribute GI log, fieldwork equipment and clipboard. 
  7. Check on student progress - data collection, field sketch, photo-taking. Ensure return of equipment 
  8. Recorders share data collected on master recording sheet or online platform. Task students to analyse results
  9. Guide students to organise and present data - explain data meaningfully, draw comparisons and identify relationships to arrive at reasoned conclusion.
  10. Guide students to describe and explain limitations as well as suggest ways to improve GI. Students given 2 more weeks to submit powerpoint presentation, Group GI log, Personal reflection.

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