Friday, April 7, 2017

Learning from sharing by other Geography teachers

I was very impressed with the sharing by the other geography teachers.

ICT in fieldwork: Trick or treat?
Ng Eu Khim, Aletheia Tan, Daphne Ang and Shanthini Rathakrishnan
St. Andrew's Secondary School

Interesting to do a live demo on the use of easymeasure  app in the classroom. I must try out one day. Need to buy the connector to the VGA cable.

What impressed me - analysis of how students response to the use of phone apps in fieldwork. 

I have also gotten my students to make use of the phone apps in fieldwork but I have not checked upon the students responses. 

Did not cross my mind to use a ziplock bag to put my tablet or phones when doing the coastal studies... indeed this is a much safer method than just placing my tablet or the phones on paper.  The clinometer app is useful to check against the reliability of the measurement using the traditional method.

Some of the phone apps which I have shared in my earlier posts: 
with the latest addition of sim earthquake app which shows the impact of the different magnitude earthquakes - they love shaking the phone.

As mentioned to the group, the use of ICT tools can help to enhance learning but will not replace classroom learning. 

‘Geography or General Paper?’ – Teaching Geographical Concepts in the Classroom
Wee Guoyuan and Alvin Yeo
Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary) & Chung Cheng High School (Yishun)

Appreciate the two teachers sharing on how to craft and use a vignette to teach geographical concepts in classrooms. Indeed the students will not learn how to appreciate the geographical issues if they do not understand how the geographical concepts such as places, space and scale are applied to it.  
Great effort creating the videos to finding out what the students understand about the learning of Geography.
Much efforts in creating the vignette on the various topics e.g. the ones on the Monsoon winds and tsunamis shared. 

7 AFL strategies for Effective Learning
Oh Boon Teck,  ACS (Barker Road)

Another impressive sharing - just realised that there are many  strategies which I have actually used  but did not know the terms. Love the self-less sharing of what he did with the students. Starting with a checklist using the learning objectives from the syllabus,  he gotten the students to write on what they have learned.
He has also shown sample of the students' work and gotten the students to evaluate their own work.
Interesting to know the different types of prompt in marking the students' work - reminder, example, scaffold and closing the gap prompts.

Update on 13 April 2017:
As the Geography sharing was divided into two groups - missed the one on storymaps using arcgis.

Inquiry Approach Using Arcgis In The Geography Classroom
Tafran Angullia and Tanny Koh from Hai Sing Catholic and St. Gabriel's Secondary

Look interesting - will compare this with the use of Google Earth as both can make use of layered information on the maps.

Both engage students through authentic and inquiry-based learning. 
Is the use of one easier than the other? Is there room for more creativity or collaboration than the other?
I will update once I have time to explore the use of story maps!

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