Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Data representation in tourism

Data representation in tourism
We created Scatter graphs and other graphs using 
You can use the following link to calculate how far the country of origin of the tourist is from Singapore:
We created an account @ - click on "create" and then click on any of the infographics template. 

Double click on the text box and type in your title

Delete the chart and add a new one by clicking on "add chart" as shown below.

 Choose the type of graph you want your data to be represented.

Double click to edit the chart.

Clear all the data.

After you cleared all data,  open the excel file as shown below. Copy and paste the data back to

You can also create a map with the same data - click on "add a map"

Demo on land transect using Google Map engine - use the polygon to create the polygon indicating the landuse. you can locate the place by using Google map in which you can refer to the street scene to confirm the area which you are plotting is correct.

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