Friday, March 8, 2013

Humanities Network Sharing 8 March 2013

Quite glad that a few teachers I met @ the humanities network sharing have already made use of the resources I put up on my Geography Blog. My presentation slides below:

Love some of the ideas shared by the others today - overwhelming so I am highlighting a few here:
Dealing With Challenges In A Globalising World by CHIJ (Toa Payoh) (SS) - though the focus is on SS - the team integrated the various discipline including Geog and even Chemistry!
I love the way they integrated the Geog component -esp the graphic mindmap on Global warming - one of the negative impacts of globalisation which we could apply for the topic on climatic changes. 

SS E-learning: Borderless@GESS by Gan Eng Seng School (SS)
Though the focus is on SS - the team has also uploaded topic on Geog for the students' weekly e-learning on current issues related to the subject syllabus. The students are then quiz on the 1st lesson of the following week. 

I love the idea from Annie (Queensway Sec) -Making a Curriculum Artefact – Where’s the Geography? 

She  made use of  a photo essay on "What the world eats, part 1" from Time Magazine online in 2007  (,29307,1626519_1373664,00.htmland got the students to compare the expenditure made on food in different parts of the world as well as work on the data (calculating average) as well as mapwork based on the photos shown. I like the idea of getting the students to create the map based on the data they have generated. In doing the mapwork, the students will have a better concept of space as well as being able to see the difference in food consumption when they complete the legend for the map.

Extract of the worksheet below:

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